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47 Meters Down UNCAGED is more worthy of a cage than it's predecessor.

Alrighty, we here at Mega Reel Entertainment LOVVVVEEEE our Great White Sharks, and to let you in on a little secret, that's pretty much where we got our name! Let's be clear, we had our name wayyyyyy before the other cool kids decided to start making movies called Megashark.... so then we went from Mega Shark Productions to Mega Reel Entertainment.

Everyone loves to sink their teeth into a good shark flick but often times we find that the teeth just aint got the razer sharp edges it needs to take a bite off the bone, in fact, it’s teeth are so dull it starves to death.

I want to say right off the bat, not a single one of these movies is realistic in any way shape or form. Let’s do a quick recap on a couple of recent shark movies, The Shallows, 47 Meters Down, and Shark season.

The Shallows, oh boy, go visit the beach and hang around in the Shallows while thinking of the classic shark movie that started it all, JAWS. You will get a bigger thrill out of that, unless you like unhinged, unrealistic sharks. “Bruce” The Shark in JAWS (cameo below) was more realistic than anything in the The Shallows. I do have to appreciate the simplicity of the story though, with the one actress.

47 Meters Down, we have yet the exact same scenario, it’s like you can smell the nasty chum as soon as the bad acting begins......and once again super pumped up insane shark behavior. I personally, get more thrills out of a scenario that could actually happen. Just cause a movie lets you make your own rules doesn't mean you gotta try and break the mold on an animals behavior..

Shark season… I watched this because of Michael Madsen. So you basically have a simple story that takes place with 3 main characters on Kayaks. Tons of camera and director mistakes. The shark…. Well just let me cringe for all sharks in the ocean at how badly the effects were, and at least they avoided showing too much Jwe get Madsen for about 5 minutes from the one location…. I tip my hat to the producers for giving this one the old shrimp boat captain try.

I went into 47 Meters down uncaged without high expectations and it honestly exceeded my expectations. I was very disappointed in the appearance of the “Sharks” regarding how fake they looked. They reminded me of Nursing sharks, but, and here’s the but. The production kind of saves itself because their appearance is part of the plot! Fricking brilliant! I loved the cinematic draw of the mayan temple, the construction work going on under there, the whole thing had me wanting to see a BTS reel of how they made this movie. Then at the end we actually get to sink our teeth into the kind of shark we went in looking for. John Corbett was a breath of fresh air. It still does not hold a candle to JAWS….. I have a special bond with good ole Bruce, but it was still very entertaining to watch and I recommend.

For the record, sharks do not actually behave the way they are portrayed in these movies. Take a look at all of the Marine Biologists out there free swimming with Great Whites and living to tell us about it.... so we know first hand they don't behave like the sharks in any of these movies. Jaws, however, was based on true events and parts of it continue to be very believable.

At the end of the day, any wild animal can attack at any time - sharks just happen to have razor sharp teeth as big as a shot glass, so there’s that!

We here at Mega Reel Entertainment may just have to show these guys how it’s done someday!!

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