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The Lockdown Pandemic of Insanity

Wow!!!! What a ride this whole pandemic has been!!!

I was registered to attend a film market in Hong Kong to promote Subject Unknown and Slayer Chronicles but it was cancelled due to a virus issue.

Within a few weeks word trickled into the news that the virus had reached the US. Everyone I spoke to about it had such extreme opinions, some were worried, others kept calling it fake news.

I was shocked at how people were going at each other on social media over this thing!!! I wasn't sure what to believe.

But then, it happened....

Disneyland shut their doors.

Universal Studios shut their doors.

Everyone panicked.... empty shelves at the grocery stores, military vehicles rolling in.

Then, on the first day of California lockdown, I began filming a documentary "To Be Continued" which will span the course of the pandemic. Please check it out, we've got some amazing stories coming your way.... oh, and we would like to hear from you too!

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