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Millions of people forced into solitude for months grapple with loneliness  & the fear of losing everything they have. Featuring Dee Wallace and Kevin Sorbo, streaming now on Roku and Amazon Prime!

DVD's available here, or through major retailers.

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The true story that inspired the film JUNKIE aka Miles To Go has a new edition, "Miles To Go."
Pre-order available now 
The action packed sequel to the film Junkie, Sheriff Corbin races to save
the one's he loves and finds an 
unexpected redemption along the

A nest of vampires uses social media to catch some dinner.  Read the story before the film release for a fun Easter egg hunt!  Preorder here today or on Amazon.

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A rock bottom junkie confronts the local cartel when she learns about her brothers disappearance, inspired by the true events depicted in the bestselling book series, "Miles To Go" aka "JUNKIE" starring Anna Easteden and Christian Kane.  WATCH IT FREE TODAY!

Raven Cross was once a normal everyday girl, until everything changed....



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